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No new leads have been unearthed in the case of the seven-year-old girl was raped near her school in a haredi city near Modi'in earlier this year, Hahadashot 12 reported.

Two weeks ago, the indictment against a 46-year-old Arab maintenance man who worked at the girl's school was nullified, and police began searching for additional proofs that he had raped the girl, as well as leads on other possible suspects.

According to Hahadashot 12, despite Israel Police's best efforts, the investigation has now met a dead end. Over 100 investigators, cyber experts, detectives, and intelligence officers have been working with the police's Judea and Samaria District, and the district's commander, Moshe Barkat, has held 48 hours of special status discussions regarding the investigation.

The news site also noted that there was no suspicion of a Jew - whether in the victim's family or her town - being responsible for the rape. However, it added that there are no findings to support suspicion against a Palestinian Authority Arab employed in the victim's town.

It is estimated that the victim was sexually abused, but not necessarily raped. In addition, the fact that Barkat did not know about the investigation or the indictment will be investigated.

Ynet added that some of the girl's belongings had been sent to a lab, and not all the test results were back yet. She was also questioned a fifth time, regarding the area where the rape occurred, the site noted.