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Almost everyone who has ever been stuck in a traffic jam thought to himself that a flying car has to be invented. After we've gotten used to all types of vehicles, it seems that a flying a car is just the next step. We have accumulated for you several cars that are already tearing through the sky and showing that the future is not that far off.

The car that turns into an airplane:

The Chinese Terrafugia is exactly what comes to mind when talking about cars in the sky. It may look a little strange, but it can race the road like any other car. The magic begins with the push of a small button that simply turns the car into a small airplane that you can fly to your destination. The only problem is that, like any airplane, you have to find small runways and airstrips for every air trip, which may work in the United States, but is not so simple in our little country. And if you're asking - this pleasure costs about $300,000.

The Flying Dutchman:

To solve the need for long runways, the PAL-V is more like a helicopter than an airplane. This is a small, narrow car that on the one hand reduces the number of passengers to two, but on the other hand allows it to fly even with short and narrow runways. The main drawback of the car are the traffic rules, which allow only experienced pilots to use it. The company hopes that in the coming years with the development of the technology of autonomous cars, the rules of flight will also be somewhat flexible, but in the meantime it seems that this is a distant dream.

Land anywhere:

Like Terrafugia, the Aeromobil can also be transformed from a regular car into an airplane. But unlike the previous car, which looks like half a truck on the road, this is a more standard size. The small aircraft can carry up to two passengers and is also adapted to less standard runways and landings like grass or sand. The company has not yet determined the final price of the vehicle, but it does not appear it is going to be particularly cheap.

Helicopter Taxi:

After we saw that with traffic laws the situation is not going to be simple, it seems that in the near future a helicopter taxi is the best option. The EHANG 184 is a type of small helicopter used as a flying taxi, mainly in Dubai and China. Recently, Uber, which has already launched a submarine taxi, also announced a shuttle service. So if you're still stuck in traffic, there's cause to cheer up, maybe your first flight home is closer than ever.

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