Netanyahu Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority's (PA) “foreign ministry” condemned a tweet by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu about the Jewish people's connection to the Land of Israel.

Netanyahu, in a series of tweets, had linked to articles on a new study which confirmed that the origin of the Philistines is in southern Europe and that there is no connection between the Philistines and present day Palestinian Arabs.

“The Palestinians’ connection to the Land of Israel is nothing compared to the 4,000 year connection that the Jewish people have with the land,” he wrote.

“There’s no connection between the ancient Philistines and the modern Palestinians, whose ancestors came from the Arabian Peninsula to the Land of Israel thousands of years later,” Netanyahu noted in another tweet.

The PA’s foreign affairs bureau noted that Netanyahu's "misleading" remarks were an attempt to deny the "national existence of the Palestinian people in its homeland of Palestine" and seek to establish colonialism on the soil of the state of "Palestine" and turn the political conflict into a conflict of a religious and ethnic nature.

"The conflict in Palestine is between a foreign settler who conquered our land, expelled our people by force, and carries out the most abominable type of ethnic cleansing against our people and tries to accommodate foreign settlers in their place," the bureau said in a statement.