Demonstration in Gaza against Israel and the United States
Demonstration in Gaza against Israel and the United States Reuters

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu approved a series of steps to ease restrictions on the Gaza Strip Thursday as part of his efforts to reach an agreement with the Hamas terrorist organization and to prevent the financial collapse of the Palestinian Authority, Kan 11 reported.

According to the report, Netanyahu had agreed to remove items from the "blacklist" of goods banned from entering Gaza, expand the export basket, and increase the number of merchants allowed to enter Israel from the Hamas-controlled enclave.

Among the 18 items removed from the "blacklist" were steel cables for large fishing boats banned for fear that they would be used for transportation within underground tunnels, and fertilizer for agriculture that had previously been banned. In addition, the export of iron doors, aluminum housewares, wipes and toys was permitted.

The age over which Gazan merchants would be permitted to enter Israel was lowered from 35 to 25. In practice, of the 5,000 merchants authorized to enter Israel, only 3,300 enter; Out of an export quota of 100 trucks per day only 30 actually enter Israel. Of the 25,000 meters of steel cables allowed to the Gaza Strip, only half were requested, and despite the approval they received to export plastic, the exportation of the cables has not yet begun.

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