Ethiopian protesters
Ethiopian protestersCredit: Israel police spokesperson

The lawyer of the police officer who shot and killed Solomon Tekah in Haifa held a press conference on Thursday, according to a report by Ynet.

Yair Nedshi, the officer's lawyer, said at the conference, "During his many years of service, my client has often faced difficult and challenging situations but the current situation is the most difficult time in his life. My client, his wife and children were taken from their homes to a remote location and cut off from their natural surroundings. They're under the protection of armed security personnel due to fear of attempts to harm their lives at any given moment."

"The damage caused to my client, his wife and children is enormous and intensifies each day that passes. This difficult journey is only at the beginning. My client found himself in a precarious situation in which his life and his family's life were in immediate and tangible danger, and as a last resort, he was forced to use his weapon for defensive purposes only."

"My client went out for a walk with his family, and as is expected of every policeman to be a policeman at all times, my client carried his weapon on his person following the end of his shift on that fateful day."

"If he did not act as he did, it's possible that my client would not have survived, and it is reasonable to assume that his family would have been harmed. It is important to emphasize that he did not intend to harm the deceased and that the shooting was carried out only for warning and deterrence."

Nedshi added that the officer aimed his weapon at the ground and not at Takeh, and that the shooting was not related to the victim's skin color.

"Even if a person is suspected of something, especially when it comes to a police officer, a person who is moral and normative, he should be given his day in court. This hasn't happened yet because the Department for the Investigation of Police investigation is currently underway," Nedshi clarified.

"There is still no evidence or conclusions against him, and on social networks he is called a murderer and he and his children are threatened with execution. This must be stopped. On behalf of my client and his family, I request to put an end to this witch hunt — enough of the spread of false rumors and threats. Let the investigation be completed and clarify the truth."