Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedEhud Amiton/TPS

It’s not nice what the "fans of Rabbi Rafi Peretz" are doing to the rabbis. Why trouble them with signing petitions and take them away from Torah study?

No one is proposing to place Ayelet Shaked at the head of a religious party, Heaven forbid. Not at the head of the Jewish Home, or what remains of it, not at the head of “Tekuma” and not even at the head of the “United Right.”

What is being talked about is that she would head a technical bloc of the five movements, each of which represents a different side of Religious Zionism.

In this technical bloc there will be one religious party (Jewish Home), and even one Torani movement (Tekuma-National Union), but each with its own head (and he will be religious with the Badatz certification of “Har Hamor”), and there will also be other lists, including ones that are more traditional (or "liberal" as they like to mistakenly define themselves), so that no one will have to "include" a non-religious personality at the head of a religious list. Heaven forbid.