Ayoub Kara
Ayoub KaraFlash 90

Former Communications Minister Ayoub Kara says that because of his involvement in the Nationality Law, they tried to murder him, after he upset the Druze.

"I had demonstrations near the house, they threw rocks at my house, they even found two Arabs near my house with weapons," he tells Yehuda Schlesinger in the Israel Hayom newspaper.

"They took me out of the house for a while. They stopped talking to the children in the street. But I don't flinch, I think it's an excellent law. I warned the Prime Minister that the Druze wouldn't understand the Law, or that there would be factors that would cause them not to understand the Law, and that's what happened.

"The Druze thought the law denied them civil rights. Netanyahu said there would be absolute equality, that they would be embraced more than the Jews, and that if there's a problem, we'd amend the Law.

Kara claims that his colleagues Amsalem, Bitan, and Katz, who were on the Preparatory Committee for the primaries, did everything to eliminate him politically and says that the Prime Minister didn't stand by him even though he was loyal to him: "I think he's an excellent Prime Minister, but a less good friend," he said.

"I was his most loyal man. Netanyahu could have stopped it, but he had a belly full of other things. They were all against me. As there is reciprocity between spouses, so also when you go with a friend you are fair to, you expect him to be fair to you. Don't sell out your friend even if he makes a thousand mistakes.

"After the primaries, Netanyahu called me and said that he didn't accept the 'scarlet letter' they had branded on me, and he promised me that I'd remain in the Likud and said, 'You are an icon and a friend to me', but he wasn't a friend and wasn't fair to me. The fact that he didn't give me backing hurts him, not me.

"They look at me and think I'm the Druze Menachem Begin," he said, "I'm a follower of the Beginist lineage. I'm considered a very right-wing voter, not only among the Druze, but throughout the entire country. It's been with me for generations."