Benny Gantz & Binyamin Netanyahu
Benny Gantz & Binyamin Netanyahu Flash 90

A poll by Prof. Camille Fuches and published by Channel 13 News on Wednesday evening shows the Likud and Blue and White parties weakening and that neither the right-wing or left-wing blocs have a clear majority to form the next government.

The poll showed the Likud party falling to 31 seats while the Blue and White party falls to 29 seats. The Joint List would finish in third place with nine seats.

Yisrael Beyteinu would receive eight seats, the Labor party under Amir Peretz would receive seven seats, Shas seven, Ehud Barak's new party would receive six, while United Torah Judaism would also receive six seats.

The New Right party under Naftali Bennett would receive five seats, the United Right four seats, Zehut four seats, and Meretz four seats.

When asked who is most suited to be prime minister, 46% responded that Binyamin Netanyahu was the most suitable, 24% voted for Benny Gantz and only 10% said that Ehud Barak would be suitable for the job.

Another poll conducted by the Midgam institute published on Channel 12 revealed that if the elections had been held today, the Likud would have won 32 mandates and Blue and White 31.

The Joint List receives 12 seats, Yisrael Beyteinu nine, Labor eight, Shas seven, and United Torah Judaism seven.

The New Right wins 5 seats, the United Right 5 and Meretz 4. The new party of Ehud Barak and the Zehut Party do not pass the threshold.

On the question of the suitability for prime minister, Netanyahu leads with 40%, Benny Gantz receives 30% support, and 21% of respondents said none of the candidates are suitable.

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