Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettGidi Boaz

The New Right party pushed back Monday afternoon against reports that party chairman Naftali Bennett had reached an agreement with Zehut chief Moshe Feiglin laying down the foundation for a joint run of the two parties in the September 17th election.

While a report by Yediot Ahronot claimed Monday morning that Bennett and Feiglin had reached an agreement on basic principles for a joint run, the New Right party later issued a statement denying that any deal had been made, reiterating that until July 15th, no negotiations would be made with other parties towards the formation of a joint ticket.

“Recently, including today, there have been a number of appeals to us by respectable people like Moshe Feiglin and Bezalel Smotrich via tweets, posts, ultimatums, and baseless media reports,” the New Right said in a statement.

“As we stated a month ago, our position hasn’t changed: until the 15th of July, we will only be dealing with building up the liberal right-wing party of Israel.”

“We’ve already opened fifty branches in the field, and we’re recruiting activists across the country and getting ready for the elections. Until the 15th of July, we’re only dealing with this – building up the party, and preparing programs in various areas: integration of haredim, housing, the economy, security, religion and state, and so on.”