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Israeli actress Gal Gadot says her decision to consistently spotlight her Israeli identity is in part a response to anti-Semitism.

Gadot, who starred in the movie “Wonder Woman”, made the comments on Thursday at a promotional event for Reebok’s new collection at the Tel Aviv port.

In an interview with the Walla! Hebrew language news website, Gadot was asked if her putting her Israeli identity in the spotlight is some kind of strategy.

"No,” she replied. “If anything, it's just that I get a lot of anti-Semitic messages and responses. It's just who I am and I believe there is no reason to hide it or lie...Those who love will get it and that’s it."

Asked whether it is important for her to explain Israel to the world or be involved and take part in all sorts of processes that happen in Israel, Gadot said, "Israel is very important to me, and I wish for our country to really be in a good place and enjoy some quiet and stability and peace and tranquility, because I believe in the end that all the people want it. There are no people who want war and for their sons to have to go to the army. We want it to be good here. So I try to strengthen these messages, about the good and the desire for peace and quiet."

Gadot, 34, has lived in Los Angeles for the last decade with her husband and two daughters. She said that Hollywood is “a kind of home” but also acknowledged she is “constantly longing for Israel and Tel Aviv, for our family and friends here.”

As a prominent member of the Hollywood entertainment industry, Gadot said she is getting used to being treated as a star, and said the paparazzi in Israel bother her more.

"I think that in general, I'm more interesting to Israelis, so every place I go, it will be documented. In the United States it comes in ‘seasons’ - when my film comes out, everyone is looking for me, but when I'm in my ‘offseason’, I have the ability to relax."

Shortly after "Wonder Woman" came out, it was banned by a Tunisian court because Gadot had defended Israel's counterterorism Operation Protective Edge on Facebook.

Lebanon also banned the film on the grounds of a long-standing boycott of Israel, while Qatar banned the movie due to Gadot's Israeli heritage. Jordan, however, decided to allow the movie.

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