Scene of shooting in Kiryat Haim
Scene of shooting in Kiryat Haim Magen David Adom spokesperson

An off-duty policeman on Sunday evening shot a young man of Ethiopian descent in his 20s on a street in the Kiryat Hayim neighborhood of Haifa.

The Department for the Investigation of Police (PID) has launched an investigation into the incident.

Magen David Adom teams who were summoned to the scene evacuated the man, who was in critical condition, to the Rambam Hospital, where doctors tried to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful and pronounced him dead.

Sammy Brucha, director of the youth center where the young man who was shot was staying, told Channel 13 News, "This is very difficult, this is a boy I raised from the age of 10. I have no words to describe the pain. The boys here are shocked and scared, I hope they will investigate this case properly. It’s inconceivable that they shoot a boy so easily."

MK Gadi Yevarkan (Blue and White) said, "We understand how much we still have to repair our society. In Israel, there are thousands of robberies every week. How does it happen that when a criminal is an Israeli of Ethiopian origin, the policemen are so quick to pull the trigger?”

"Unfortunately, one thing is for sure. From the get go I do not believe the results of the PID investigation if they even examine the case at all. This incident is different from other ones, and the police must fight crime in order to protect public order and to provide security for citizens. But no grocery robbery demands the killing of boys who have made a mistake," Yevarkan added.

MK Penina Tamanu-Shata (Blue and White) added that "it's hard to digest, shooting at boys like ducks in a shooting range. The blood of young Ethiopians has been abandoned. Our children's lives are less secure and the reaction of the community will be harsh, and this is because of the failure of the Israeli government and its branches, including the failure of the Minister of Internal Security and the PID, to deal with the situation."

"Unfortunately, things are getting worse. This time they will not cover up the killing of a young man under his place of residence. His blood cries out to the skies," she said.