police in eastern Jerusalem
police in eastern Jerusalem Israel Police

Residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya residents rioted on Saturday night to protest the killing of 22-year-old Muhammad Samir 'Obeid. Two policemen were lightly injured in the riots. During the confrontations, rioters hurled rocks and objects at the forces and fired fireworks at them. The rioters also damaged the light rail and smashed windows. Six people were arrested.

At least 80 Arabs were lightly injured in earlier clashes on Friday night in Issawiya.

The rioters fired fireworks at police in protest of the killing of 22-year-old Muhammad Samir 'Obeid, who was shot after firing fireworks at police officers.

'Obeid fired fireworks directly at police forces during riots that developed there. In response, the policemen shot and critically wounded him. He was evacuated to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. Shortly afterwards, Arab media reported that he had died of his wounds.

The police reported that during Shabbat, a protest took place at the intersection of Shimon HaTzadik Bar Lev Street in Jerusalem, attended by dozens of people who tried to disrupt the order to block the movement's route and threw stones.

Police officers arrested five suspects for disturbing police and policemen.