Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, IsraeliStock

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) foreign affairs bureau on Saturday condemned what it called the "imperialistic Judaization plans" that seek to change the existing situation in “the occupied city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem -ed.).”

A statement issued by the PA bureau claimed that the US administration proves daily that it is hostile to the "Palestinian people" and denies its national rights, while at the same time fully supporting "the imperialist settlement enterprise led by the extreme right in the occupation state."

According to the statement, the US support for the settlement is not only expressed in words, but also through active participation in official “settlement” organizations, such as the participation of US Ambassador David Friedman and US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt at an event held by the Ir David Foundation in the village of Silwan.

The American participation in the Ir David event, said the PA foreign affairs bureau, shows American support for the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.