Hamas ceremony, Gaza
Hamas ceremony, Gaza Flash 90

Mahmoud al-Zahar, a member of the Hamas political bureau and a senior member of the movement in Gaza, said that "the occupiers always violate the treaties and agreements that the organizers of the struggle sign with it," noting that continued pressure would force Israel to implement the demands of the "Palestinian nation."

In an interview with the Palesteen al-Yom website, which is affiliated with Islamic Jihad, Zahar said that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu felt defeated when the Palestinian organizations of the struggle imposed conditions on him, especially in light of the precarious internal situation in Israel (alluding to the political crisis leading to a second election).

For this reason, Zahar said, we continue to pressure Israel when it does not fulfill its commitments.

Zahar added that one of the means of pressuring Israel is the activity on the ground, meaning the weekly March of Return and the launching of incendiary balloons which ignite fires in the communities surrounding Gaza.

Zahar defined the economic conference in Bahrain designed to promote economic peace as "political bribery" in an attempt to spur the "Palestinian" people to give up its holy places and basic principles.

In this context, Zahar stressed that negotiating over the "Palestinian" basic principles, namely, man, land, holy sites and faith, will not be possible.