Violent rioters gather along Gaza border
Violent rioters gather along Gaza borderIDF spokesperson

Despite the truce agreement between Israel and Hamas, approximately 7,000 Palestinian Arabs rioted on Friday in several locations along the border with the Gaza Strip.

In one incident, the rioters hurled a firebomb at an IDF jeep, which went up in flames. There were no injuries.

In addition, the balloon terrorism continued on Friday, as 14 fires erupted in communities in the Gaza envelope as a result of incendiary balloons fired from the Strip.

The Hamas-run “health ministry” in Gaza said that 50 people were injured during the demonstrations along the border, 19 of them by IDF gunfire.

Earlier on Friday, a police sapper neutralized an explosive device attached to a cluster of balloons that landed in an agricultural field in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel.

The explosive device was hidden in what looked like a book with the Hebrew inscription "Love Stella."

On Friday morning, Israel confirmed that it had reached an agreement for a truce with the Hamas terror organization.

The deal would soften economic sanctions on Gaza in exchange for an end to incendiary bomb attacks on Israeli border towns and farm land.

As part of the agreement, Israel will expand the fishing area open to Gazan boats to 15 miles from the shore. Dozens of boats confiscated for straying from the approved fishing area will be returned as part of the deal.

In addition, Israel will resume the transfer of fuel to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom border crossing, which was closed on Tuesday in response to the ongoing balloon terrorism.

The deal, which was brokered by the Egyptian government and the United Nations, aims to end the regular attacks on Israeli border towns and farm land by Hamas terror cells, which have used balloons and kites to fly incendiary bombs over the frontier into Israeli territory.

A senior Israeli official said that the agreement would end Hamas attacks – or would be scuttled.

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