The booby-trapped book.
The booby-trapped book. Credit: Eshkol security

A police sapper neutralized an explosive device attached to a cluster of balloons that landed in an agricultural field in the Eshkol Regional Council on Friday.

The explosive device was hidden in what looked like a book with the Hebrew inscription "Love Stella."

"The attached suspicious object was a book with a Hebrew inscription. The book was booby-trapped - the assumption is that the goal was that the book would detach from the balloons and appear like an innocent-looking Hebrew book," an Eshkol Council spokesperson said.

"Therefore, it is very important - in any case of identifying any suspicious object even if it's not attached to balloons - don't touch. You should move away and report it to the local IDF security coordinator," the spokesperson stressed.

Two fires broke out this morning in the Gaza perimeter, in grazing land on the kibbutz in Shaar Hanegev and in the Be'eri Forest. The fires were apparently caused by incendiary balloons.

Earlier, an Israeli official confirmed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had reached an agreement with Hamas in which the organization would stop firing incendiary balloons and curb the demonstrations on the Gaza border fence. Israel, in return, will increase the fishing area to 15 miles and resume the flow of fuel into the Gaza Strip.