Suitcases at airport (illustrative)
Suitcases at airport (illustrative) iStock

The Border Police employees' committee of the Population and Immigration Authority announced that it would launch a general strike starting Tuesday at all border crossings - including Ben-Gurion Airport.

During the strike, planes will not be able to fly in or out from Ben-Gurion Airport and travelers will be prevented from entering or leaving Israel.

According to the employees' committee, the planned strike is due to "prolonged salary delays." The committee claims that employees receive only partial the beginning of the month

The chairman of the committee, Shani Shavtuv, said, "There are employees who start the month with a minus of up to 50% of their salaries. The phone call from the bank has become routine. Employees shouldn't have to fight for their basic right to receive their salaries on time. We're not demanding extras or privileges, but only to receive our salaries on time, like all employees."

"We didn't want to reach a point that we are forced to strike, especially during the summer months when many Israelis are vacationing abroad," Shavtuv added. "That's why we've been begging for years for them to solve a simple problem and they don't lift a finger. We were left with no choice."