Rabbi Yaakov Ariel
Rabbi Yaakov Ariel Ofer Amram

On the Yeshiva site, a question was asked to Rabbi Yaakov Ariel regarding Yuval Dayan's public renunciation of a Torah lifestyle, which he published in a post on his Facebook account that aroused many reactions.

The questioner asked Rabbi Ariel, "It was published that a well-known rabbi left Torah; how can we explain this, and how do we prevent such a thing?"

Rabbi Ariel wrote in response the following answer: "The concept of 'returning to question' [as it is called in Hebrew] is imprecise. Had he asked directly he would have received an answer correctly, but he decided that it was difficult for him to continue in the path of Torah. It was convenient for him to return to his original path, so apparently from the beginning he wasn't properly absorbed in the Torah way.

"We choose the Torah every day anew, and there are those for whom it is difficult, and they prefer comfort to truth," said Rabbi Ariel. "Yohanan the High Priest, too, became Sadducee at the age of 80, and the Tanna Elisha ben Avuya became 'Acher'," concluded Rabbi Ariel.