Scene of Ethiopian plane crash
Scene of Ethiopian plane crashReuters

More than three months after the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane, the remains of the late Shimon Re’em were identified as one of the two Israelis who died in the disaster.

On the plane was another Israeli whose remains have not yet been located, Avi Matzliah.

As soon as the plane crashed, the Israeli emergency response group ZAKA dispatched a team of volunteers who worked arduously at the crash scene in Ethiopia for many days under difficult conditions, locating and collecting thousands of findings scattered over a large radius, in a crater at a depth of dozens of meters created as a result of the plane crash.

ZAKA, in coordination with government officials in Israel and Ethiopia, will continue its efforts to locate the remains of deceased Avi Matzliah and bring him for burial in Israel.

"I would like to thank the Ethiopian Prime Minister, my friend Abiy Ahmed, who responded to my requests and to the requests of the late Shimon Re’em’s family," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday evening. “He accepted these requests and we will now bring back the remains of his body. We will continue to work until we bring the remains of Avraham Matzliah. "

"I want to thank the prime minister, he is in the midst of difficult times in Ethiopia, I wish him a lot of success and friendship between us and Ethiopia," added Netanyahu.