Ayoob Kara
Ayoob KaraHezki Baruch

Former Communications Minister Ayoob Kara (Likud), who recently resigned his post, criticized Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

In an interview with News 13, Kara said, "I'm very hurt and I feel bad. Even during the toughest times, when I lost my brothers in Israel's wars and after my parents' deaths, I didn't feel this hurt. I feel very hurt because I showed loyalty over the course of years, and suddenly I feel betrayed."

"There were decisions I made as Communications Minister, which were important, which I think certain people did not like. I was blindly loyal, that's how I am. I have an innocence, honesty, reliability, and Zionism. There was a despicable betrayal here, people hurt me because of my loyalty to them. I never believed it would happen."

Regarding the Prime Minister himself, Kara said, "It does me bad when I think I have to criticize my leader, the Prime Minister, the person who for me was the epitome of the best and will remain so. But I requested to leave the Communications Ministry because instead of supporting me, there was betrayal with the Nationality Law. He said he would fix the situation, the Druze came out against me, and it was not fixed."

"I can appreciate that today, after what I saw, this betrayal which I never would have thought of, which for me is the most important figure, led me on. Why? I need answers from him."