US Navy patrols Persian Gulf
US Navy patrols Persian Gulf US Navy

The United States is building a coalition with allies to preserve freedom of movement in the Persian Gulf, a State Department official said Monday.

According to the official, the purpose of the alliance is also to create deterrence against the Iranian regime, which has recently been trying to initiate provocations and seize control of the Gulf region.

“It’s about proactive deterrence, because the Iranians just want to go out and do what they want to do and say hey we didn’t do it. We know what they’ve done," the source told Reuters.

Meanwhile, the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates issued a joint statement in which they said they expressed concern about the escalation of tension in the Middle East.

"Source escalation is Iranian activity that undermines peace and security in Yemen and the region. We call on Iran to stop any activity that threatens the stability of the region and to respond to a diplomatic solution," the message stated.

It was also reported that France, Britain and Germany sent a diplomatic letter to Iran on Monday warning it of the consequences if it fails to meet its commitments under the nuclear agreement.

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