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Communications Minister Ayoub Kara announced today he was resigning from the government and his post as Communications Minister, a day after he announced withdrawing his candidacy for the post of Israeli Ambassador to Egypt.

"Since I was appointed Communications Minister there's been a tendentious campaign against me stemming from prejudice, and every success was turned into a failure, including tendentious criticism from within and without," Kara wrote in his letter of resignation.

"In order to stop this hunt and continue to serve the State of Israel, I'm not retiring from public life, but embarking on a battle to clear my name," he said.

Yesterday, Kara attacked Netanyahu in an interview with News 12, hours after canceling his candidacy for Israeli Ambassador to Cairo. "They approached me; I didn't ask for it. They thought I was the most suitable person at this time because I was the only one who knew the Egyptian President. I also have an advantage from the culture I come from. This is the first time a Druze has a politically appointment in an Arab country. Instead of there being a consensus on this so there'll be a bridge to peace, I also was attacked by the Likud and those around the Prime Minister.

"I'm the most suited man for the job," Kara said. "On Bahrain I said we should go without the Palestinians, even with regard to the tunnels I said they need a robot. All the time there are unfortunately prejudices against me, and I regret that on the day that the first Druze combat helicopter pilot is appointed, I have to stand here and prove my loyalty, even though I'm disabled and a senior officer, and I lost my two brothers."

Minister Ayoub Kara attacks Prime Minister (Hebrew):

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