Stav Shafir
Stav Shafir Flash 90

MK Stav Shafir (Labor) on Monday morning spoke about her run for Labor leadership and the issue of drafting haredim into the IDF.

In an interview with Army Radio, Shafir said she believes that no one has a real interest in drafting the haredim, and that this type of issue should be handled in a "live and let live" fashion.

"I will turn the Labor party upside down and I will make it the people's party again, it will be truly democratic," she promised. "We will start by laying the truth of everything on the table, we'll talk about breaking the status quo with the haredim, we'll remove the extraneous discussion and start creating new connections, including with populations we have not spoken with for a long time. We'll end the unnecessary talk that's going around right now about drafting the haredim and we'll start talking about the real issues, about integrating them into the job market."

"I think no one, including the army, has an interest in drafting them. We need to reach a new agreement about our lives and this agreement needs to be 'live and let live.' We're not going to interfere in their lifestyle and they won't interfere in our lifestyle. Meaning, marriage and divorce will be as each person wants, public transportation will be by neighborhood and city, and everyone will have what they want."

Regarding her bid to lead the Labor party, Shafir said, "The race is very close, but regarding the question is who will bring the party more votes from outside, I'm the clear leader. In the next 24 hours, people who believe in our path have can sign up. If a tiny bit of those who support me and the path I'm taking sign up today with the Labor party, they can vote for me next week and we'll start to truly win and make a huge revolution in the Labor party."

"It's about the free and ideological voters versus the businesspeople, the spins, and the boxes."