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The "Choosing Family" Movement thanked attorney Eli Alush, who heads the united religious party in the central city of Ra'anana, for his decision to leave the municipal coalition in protest of the city's first-ever "pride" parade.

"We the members of the 'Choosing Family' movement, thank you and support you for your determined and brave decision to act for the sake of family values and leave the coalition which did not have the wisdom to stop the pride parade in Ra'anana," members of the movement wrote in a letter to Alush.

"Facing the forces working to demolish and destroy the family, we must speak clearly, cleanly, and with purity, as you did. We hope that your colleagues in the city council and public leaders on a national level will learn from your example and that they too will make this important topic a national priority.

"The family is the cornerstone of society and of the State, and it is the best and safest place for the growth and happiness of the individual. The family is the tool by which we preserve our identity and heritage, and it is the promise of our future.

"Thank G-d, most of the public sanctifies the value of the family and chooses it. We will not agree to a situation in which people try to shove the family into a closet. Be strong and brave."