Ayoub Kara
Ayoub KaraHezki Baruch

Communications Minister Ayoub Kara was interviewed on Channel 12 News after he removed his candidacy for the post of Israeli ambassador to Egypt and after the announcement that he is considering participating in the next season of "Survivor".

There was strong opposition from Israeli diplomats to Kara's appointment due to his history of alleged diplomatic blunders.

Asked about the removal of his candidacy, Kara said: "They turned to me. I didn't ask for it. They thought I was the most suitable candidate at this time because I'm the only one who knows the Egyptian president. This is the first time that a Druze was selected for a political appointment in an Arab country. I also have an advantage due to the culture I come from. Instead of a consensus on this to enable a bridge to peace - I was attacked both by the Likud and those surrounding the prime minister."

"I'm the most talented man for the job," Kara claimed. "I said about Bahrain that we have to go even without the Palestinians. I also said regarding the tunnels that a robot is needed. There's prejudice against me all the time unfortunately and it pains me that the day they announce the first Druze pilot of a combat helicopter, I have to stand here and prove my loyalty - when I'm disabled and a senior officer and I lost my two brothers."

Kara didn't win a high enough spot on Likud's list to enter the current interim Knesset. "It's a blow after a blow. Prejudiced people harmed me in the Likud. I will continue to serve the state of Israel and the people of Israel. The Jewish people are behind me."

Kara attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, saying, "I'm angry at leaders who don't know how to defend their people, I'm angry because I went like a blind person and followed him." Kara has long been loyal to Netanyahu but they had some type of fallout before the Likud primaries in February.

"I can only say that I believed in him to this day, and now after what happened I have a problem," the minister continued. "After I talk to him I'll determine my path."

On the report that he may participate in the next season of "Survivor", Kara said, "'Survivor' contacted me several times because they think that I'm popular and would be an asset to their program. I found time and explained that I currently see myself as one of the leaders in Israel."

"They thought I could increase their ratings," he explained. "I hope they're not wrong. I believe that I'm good at survival because I was a combat officer in the past. I was seriously injured several times."