Bear (illustrative)
Bear (illustrative) Credit: ISTOCK

A family from Montana returned home from an outing, unaware of the surprise they would find in their mudroom - a black bear was sleeping on the top shelf of a closet there.

The police investigation revealed that the bear tried to enter two nearby houses which were locked. The door of this family's house was ajar and the bear entered it and inexplicably managed to deadbolt the door behind him.

The bear began to trash the house and then decided to take a nap on the top shelf of the closet.

The frightened family called the police, who rushed to the home. However, their attempts to expel the bear were met with yawning by the animal, who repeatedly tried to go back to sleep.

After many futile attempts, the police called Fish, Wildlife and Parks who tranquilized the bear and returned it to the forest, far away from the home it entered.

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