Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara on Thursday evening attended the Genesis Prize award ceremony at the Jerusalem Theater.

In his remarks, Netanyahu said to prize winner Robert Kraft, "When Sara and I first met you and Myra, we talked about Israel, about the Jewish people, about your love for the state, your concern for its future, your determination to help fight for its future, and your determination to help fight for the truth. You have stood up for the truth and you have stood up for Israel, and we applaud you for it.”

“The greatest assault that we have on Israel is the assault on the truth,” he continued.

“We are presented as though we were living not in the land of our ancestors. The Jewish people are the only people who live on have the same territory with the same name, with the same religion, with the same language as we had 3,000 years ago.”

“When modern Zionism came along, the founders of modern Zionism did not say that the attacks on the Jewish people would cease if we had a Jewish state. They said that we would be able to defend ourselves against those attacks once we had a state. We have established here a remarkable country, with an army, an economy with an idea of a free market. I’m very proud that I had something to do with it,” continued the Prime Minister.

“Anti-Semitism is rearing its head, in America too, with horrible consequences. And what you have to do in the face of these attacks is to fight back. Robert Kraft fights back, and he is committed to fight BDS and to fight the slanders against Israel and to stand up with the State of Israel," said Netanyahu

Netanyahu and Genesis Prize Foundation Chairman and CEO Stan Polovets awarded the Genesis Prize to Kraft for his commitment to Israel and his great contribution to the Jewish community over the years.