Avner Gavaryahu accompanied by IDF soldiers
Avner Gavaryahu accompanied by IDF soldiers Im Tirtzu

The director of the extreme leftist Breaking the Silence organization, Avner Gavaryahu, toured Hevron with pro-Palestinian activists Thursday.

Joining the tour were two activists from the Im Tirtzu movement, who documented every step taken by Gavaryahu, and discovered that he was assisted by IDF soldiers who provided security for him and the other participants.

The activists said that Gavaryahu did not begin the tour until the soldiers came to accompany him. When he reached a certain point from which he was not allowed to proceed, Gavaryahu contacted the brigade through an attorney and within seconds the soldiers were ordered to allow him to cross.

According to the Im Tirtzu activists, this was repeated several times.

"It turns out that those who always claim that the settlers of Hevron are giving instructions to our soldiers know well how to use their lawyer from the extreme left to ask for and receive military escort of five soldiers on a tour with the director-general of Breaking the Silence," said Tom Nisani of Im Tirzu.

He added that "the army must not allow its soldiers to accompany those who defame them around the world and who have links with the BDS movement. The same man who lied and slandered his comrades from the Paratroopers was not ashamed to ask for military escort while he was dripping more and more poison for tourists in Hevron, it's hypocrisy like no other."

אבנר גבריהו בחברון אם תרצו

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