Nikolay Patrushev
Nikolay Patrushev Reuters

Russian National Security Adviser Nikolay Patrushev spoke to journalists about the planned summit of national security advisers with his Israeli and US counterparts in Jerusalem next week, hinting at disagreements between Russia and the US and Israel over the relationship to Iran.

He said that Russia has friendly relations with Iran, as it has ties with Israel and the US, and suggested that conflicts of interest might arise.

“Iran is in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government and is actively involved in fighting terrorism. Therefore, of course, we will have to take into account the interests of Iran," Petrushev noted, according to the Russian Embassy in Israel’s Twitter account.

“We will face the fact that the interests of states have different directions. The Russian side will take into account the interests of Iran [and] bring them to the attention of the Israeli and the American sides,” he added.

In response to a question, he noted that he was unable to assess the outcome of the meeting, because the issues that would be discussed were not yet finalized.