Kelly Craft
Kelly CraftReuters

Kelly Craft, US President Donald Trump’s nominee for the post of Ambassador to the United Nations, promised on Wednesday that, if confirmed, she would follow in the footsteps of her predecessor, Nikki Haley, regarding Israel.

“Without US leadership, our partners and allies would be vulnerable to bad actors at the UN. This is particularly true in the case of Israel, which is the subject of unrelenting bias and hostility in UN venues,” Craft told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in a confirmation hearing.

“The United States will never accept such bias, and if confirmed I commit to seizing every opportunity to shine a light on this conduct, call it what it is, and demand that these outrageous practices finally come to an end,” she added.

Haley, a strong supporter of Israel, stepped down from the role of UN ambassador at the end of 2018, citing her desire to "take a break" from public service.

During her time in office, she continuously called out the UN over its anti-Israel bias.

Shortly after taking office, she urged the UN Security Council to devote less attention to the Arab-Israeli conflict and make Iran's "incredibly destructive" activities a priority in the Middle East.

During her time at the UN, the US also voted for the first time against an annual resolution condemning Israel's alleged “occupation” of the Golan Heights.

Haley also promoted a resolution condemning Hamas for its terrorist attacks against Israel.