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Mahmoud Nazmi Abed Alhamid Katusa, 46, the Palestinian Authority Arab suspected of violently raping a 7-year-old Jewish girl in a nationalistically-motivated "terror rape," will be brought Wednesday for an extension of his arrest.

In recent days, parties involved in the investigation questioned why a smaller local police station had managed the investigation, instead of turning it over to a larger district station with more experience with serious crimes.

Despite the indictment filed, several semi-important issues have yet to be solved, one of which is the lack of clear evidence for the abduction and rape.

Though the child interrogator who dealt with the case claimed that the victim could not clearly identify her attacker, the victim later did exactly that, pointing him out to one of the teachers in her school. The exact date of the assault is also unclear: The rape was initially believed to have taken place on a certain day, but Katusa managed to find an alibi for that time, leading police to investigate a different date and making it difficult to locate his accomplices.

Israel Hayom pointed out that there is no forensic proof, such as DNA, that the attacker was correctly identified, due to the fact that the victim did not immediately undergo physical examinations. However, according to Haaretz, this is due to the fact that the police failed to send the victim's underpants for investigation. In addition, 71.4% of rape cases are closed due to lack of evidence, partially due to the fact that too many women and girls do not immediately turn to hospitals' emergency rooms or rape units.

Katusa's lawyer, meanwhile, claims that the polygraph test is not reliable and therefore does not prove his client is lying. "The girl apparently underwent something but it's not connected to Katusa," he claimed. He also complained that Katusa is "intelligent and a father of four, who was an English teacher in his home village until nine years ago."

Today, Katusa is a janitor and a construction worker.

Meanwhile, residents of the town in which the rape occurred "fear that the rapist is still walking free."