Hamas, file
Hamas, fileAbed Rahim Katib/Flash 90

Hamas on Monday claimed that the second stage of the "agreement" with Israel had begun.

According to Hamas, the second stage includes the transfer of Qatari money to Gaza, as well as improvement in Gaza's infrastructure and the expansion of trade.

Israel has not responded to Hamas' announcement, but Gazan terrorists have increased the number of incendiary and explosive balloons sent into Israeli territory.

On Monday alone, incendiary balloons sparked a number of separate fires in Israel's Eshkol region.

No one was injured.

A Hamas spokesperson in Gaza ignored the terror group's responsibilities, discussing only what Israel had promised in exchange for a cessation of terror activities, including the border riots, rocket attacks, and incendiary and explosive balloons.

According to the spokesperson, the second stage in the "agreement" began Sunday, after $25 million in Qatari money was passed to Gaza.

The funds were supposed to be distributed among over 100,000 Gazan families, but a security source admitted that since Israel has no control over how the money is divided, it is possible that Hamas, the terror group ruling Gaza, will take some of the money for itself.

In the coming days, an Egyptian intelligence delegation will discuss Gaza and Israel, in an attempt to end all terror from Gaza in exchange for Israel aiding Gaza. The Egyptians are aware of the fact that any security deterioration on the border with Gaza will force Israel to act militarily, something which will destroy a year and a half's worth of efforts to broker a diplomatic agreement between Israel and Gaza.