Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan
Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben DahanFlash 90

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Rabbi Ben Dahan arrived in the Knesset this morning alongside the head of the Jewish Home party, Rabbi Rafi Peretz. Rabbi Ben Dahan did not rule out a united list of the right-wing parties in the upcoming elections, including a list led by Ayelet Shaked.

In an interview with News 2, MK Ben Dahan said he hoped very much that "we will eventually reach the unification of all the right-wing parties. Last week was a bad week, there were very bad statements. I did not like the statements made by Moti Yogev."

He explained that there is no dispute that the head of the Jewish Home will continue to be MK Rabbi Peretz, but "the question is completely different. Four parties, the Jewish Home, the National Union, Otzma Yehudit, and the New Right have been formed. Then the question becomes which of the four people can bring the most seats."

"The main index should be the one who can bring the most seats and the one whom the public most flocks after. We have to put him at the head ... It is legitimate that Ayelet Shaked wants to be in the first place."

He also referred to the Zehut party. "I do not rule out Feiglin in principle, but we as a religious party cannot agree with such a party that has an active, not marginal activist who is opposed to circumcision."