Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Credit: Esti Dzubov/TPS

In recent years an ugly practice has developed in the media. Whenever someone who worked for me leaves office, or when someone fails to be selected for a position, the media immediately reports, "Sara is guilty." "All because of Sara."

It doesn't matter that in many cases Sara doesn't even know these people and doesn't even know that the appointment process is being carried out for the position in question.

For example, the head of a new institution who first met Sara at a public event approached her to say hello. She asked him his name, and when he introduced himself and his position, they both burst out laughing because the media had reported that Sara was the one who appointed him.

This incident didn't prevent another candidate for the position of head of the Mossad from claiming that the reason he wasn't appointed for the position was because he didn't approach Sara.

The same was true of someone who saw himself as a candidate for ambassador to the United Nations. When he didn't receive the position, he also attributed it to Sara's objections, who didn't even know he was a candidate for the position or that the position was open.

Anyone who failed to be appointed to a position or was dismissed quickly grasps this tactic - attack Sara and the media will grace you with headlines.

The actual facts and the truth don't matter at all. Sara became the punching bag of the media long ago.

The vicious news reporters repeat the nonsense and the incitement again and again. "Well, yes," they say with a smug expression on their faces on their so-called deep understanding of the issue, "It's Sara again." Or, as they often say recently, "That's Balfour."

These are vicious and venomous lies. I am the one who decides who gets appointed for open positions based on various considerations. But of course, the truth doesn't interest the TV anchors.

They no longer settle for the venomous lies about Sara. Now they also add that employees are leaving because of the "destruction" I am supposedly bringing upon the state.

On another occasion, I will detail what I am doing for our state 24/7. I will also elaborate on the heavy price paid by my family due to the media's persecution campaign, which will use any means to replace me with the head of a leftist government.

But today I do want to tell you a few words about my wife, the exemplary daughter of her parents and the exemplary mother of our children. I want to tell you, dear friends, what the media has been hiding from you for almost twenty years:

I want to tell you that three times a week, year after year, Sara spends her day working as a psychologist, serving the public. She leaves to work quietly, far from the camera's eye, to help children and their parents.

I want to tell you that when she's not working, she assists children with cancer, bereaved families, lone soldiers, Holocaust survivors and many other people who need help. She doesn't only meet them once - sometimes she develops lasting relationships of support and friendship which continue for years.

I also want to tell you about the profound and positive impression that Sarah leaves on world leaders during my diplomatic visits abroad. She hosts dozens of leaders from around the world in a warm and wonderful way at the Prime Minister's Residence, which helps promote our flourishing relations with those countries.

Recently, she even represented Israel together with the Foreign Ministry delegation on a humanitarian mission to Guatemala after the volcano disaster there. She went there at the invitation of the Guatemalan president's wife, whom she also hosted for a reciprocal visit to Israel just a few weeks ago.

About all this - citizens of Israel - you'll barely hear a word from the media.

But we draw much strength from many of you, from your support and love on social media and in heartfelt meetings with you. You aren't influenced by the false noise of the media and the shameful silence of women's rights organizations.

And here is the most astonishing thing: I don't know of any woman or wife who would have stood by for decades under an endless barrage of such false and wicked slander and character defamation - standing firm and continuing to help the needy, being a devoted mother to our children and supporting me.

My beloved wife,
you are a true heroine.