New York subway
New York subway Flash 90

A New York man clad in a business suit and tie didn't let his savvy appearance get in the way of his anti-Semitic vitriol towards a Jewish man at a Brooklyn subway stop, the New York Daily News reported on Friday.

According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), an argument broke out between the two men who were both waiting for an 8 a.m. train at the Gates Ave./Broadway J train stop in Bushwick on Thursday morning. The suspect became enraged and started screaming “F--- all Jews” and “Kill all Jews" and ranting about Hitler. The victim recorded the man's verbal assault on his cellphone and walked away while placing his cellphone in his shirt pocket.

The suspect ran to the victim, snatched his phone from his pocket and threw it at the oncoming train in a futile attempt to destroy it along with the evidence of his hate crime. The phone survived and the victim contacted the police, who retrieved the video and publicly shared the suspect's photograph and parts of the video in hope of identifying him.

The incident is the latest in a surge of anti-Semitic attacks in New York City. According to the NYPD, police officials have already recorded 108 anti-Semitic hate crimes by the beginning of June. In 2018, "only" 58 anti-Semitic crimes had occurred in the same time period.