The Kavim bus company has filed a police complaint over a violent incident on one of its buses Thursday night.

The incident occurred on Route 471 in Kiryat Ono, near the Bar Ilan University bus stop, as a bus from Kavim’s 278 line was making its way from Tel Aviv to the central Israeli city of Elad.

According to the complaint filed by Kavim, during the routine bus stop, a passenger attacked the bus driver, punching him and attempting to choke him.

“This morning a complaint was filed with Israel Police,” Kavim said in a statement Friday morning, “and the company will push to ensure that the attacker is punished. Given the large number of incidents recently, the company will formally reach out to the Transportation Ministry at the beginning of next week to install security separations between bus drivers and passengers to ensure the drivers’ safety.”

Yisrael Gonen, the chairman of the bus drivers’ union, called on the Transportation Ministry to take steps to prevent future attacks on drivers, urging the installation of protective barriers for drivers and other security measures.