Scene of the accident
Scene of the accidentMDA

A haredi man roughly 30 years of age was killed Thursday night when the car he was driving collided with a bus near the city of Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem.

The incident occurred on Route 375 just outside of the predominantly haredi city of Beitar Illit, when a car and bus crashed in a head-on collision.

Aside from the driver of the private car who was killed, there were two injuries reported in the accident, the driver of the bus and a passenger. The injured bus driver and passenger were treated on the scene but did not require evacuation to the hospital.

MDA emergency teams were dispatched to the scene to treated the victims of the accident. First responders attempted to treat the most seriously injured victim, but were forced to declare him dead at the scene.

“This was a very serious traffic accident involving a private car and a bus,” said MDA paramedic Aharon Adler. “The driver of the private car was found sitting in the driver’s seat, unconscious, with a serious head injury and multi-system injuries.”

“We performing medical checks on him, but he had no vital signs, and together with an army medical team that was present on the scene, we declared his death. The bus driver and a passenger that was with him were examined on the scene but did not require evacuation for continued treatment at a hospital.”