Search and rescue volunteers
Search and rescue volunteersiStock

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU) issued an urgent call for volunteers to aid in the search in Meron from today (Thursday afternoon) until early tomorrow morning (Friday) to continue the search for Moshe Illowitz, who has been missing since the Shabbat before Lag BaOmer.

The Israel Dog Unit has been leading the search for Moshe, father of 5 from Moshav Modi'im for weeks, but needs more volunteers to search the nearby wilderness, volunteers to post photos, to drive/shuttle searchers, and funds to defray the costs of the search.

The disappearance and search for Illowitz represents an additional tragedy that has further devastated the Illowitz family, after the arson that destroyed their home and the homes of 39 other families in Moshav Modi'im.

IDU Commander Yekiutiel ben Yaakov said "We need all the help we can get; people who can walk in rough terrain, people with vehicles who can drop searchers off and pick them up on different trails, off-road vehicles, and regular vehicles from 4:30 to 9:30 pm tonight."

Ben Ya'akov continued: "Early Friday morning we'll again resume search from 5 am to 10 am. Confirm by message if you can come, stating which shift, and what you can do at telephone 054-487-6709 or at this email."

Thursday at 4 pm all searchers are requested to join the briefing that will be held at the command center in Meron.

Those joining search are requested to bring flashlights, water, back-pack, sandwiches, spare batteries, proper hiking boots and clothes, cap, and a charged telephone to the meeting spot. The briefing and lodging will be at the Bolton Guest House where the IDU will set up their command center.

The IDU notes that sleeping bags are unnecessary, as the Bolton Guest House will provide places to sleep, bed, blankets, plenty of coffee, showers, and towels for all searchers staying over until Friday, free of charge.

The missing man's name was mistakenly written as "Eli" previously; his name is Moshe Illowitz. We apologize for the misprint.