Regev Flash 90

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev referred this morning in a Galei Tzahal interview to the discourse on Prime Minister Netanyahu among the national religious public.

"I suggest religious Zionists relax. When you brought down the Shamir government you brought about Oslo," Regev said in the interview.

During the interview, Minister Regev referred to the expected rotation of government positions, and made it clear that in any case she would not be part of it.

"All the positions were offered to me, but I told the Prime Minister that I didn't want a temporary role but to wait for the elections and get a permanent one," said Regev.

Regev made it clear that the possibility of guarding a spot for Minister Ayelet Shaked in the Likud was officially over, but she refused to express an opinion on the issue.

"Netanyahu decided he does not want Ayelet Shaked in the Likud; he'is the only one who decides," After being asked again by the interviewers, "but we want to hear what you think," she added: "My opinion is uninteresting."

Disenfranchised Otzma Yehudit leader Michael Ben Ari responded to Regev's assessment of where blame for Oslo rests, writing on Twitter, "Sadly, the truth is this: The one who paved the way to Oslo was Yitzhak Shamir and the Likud who declared the PLO kosher when they participated in the Madrid conference."