Shira Raban
Shira Raban Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Shira Raban, the haredi woman who worked for Sara Netanyahu and who is now trying to sue her, gave her first testimony in an Israeli labor court.

Raban has sued for 225,000 NIS ($62,828), claiming she was abused by Sara Netanyahu.

On Tuesday, she was interrogated by Sara's lawyer, attorney Yossi Cohen.

"On the first day, I understood that something is illogical," Raban said. "This wasn't a work day, it was abuse. It was important to Mrs. Netanyahu that they guide me correctly on the first day, that I understand the rules of the second story, and that I wash my hands before and after each activity."

"Mrs. Netanyahu was at Kikar Hamedina that day, with Nicol Raidman," Cohen pointed out.

Cohen also told the judge: "I'm going to examine her regarding every single text. What happened with Manny Naftali will not happen again here. They've spilled my client's blood and today is the day of correction."

Two weeks ago, Sara Netanyahu sent the court a statement regarding Raban. In the statement, she wrote, "During the claimant's entire term of employment, I met her a handful of times, always in the presence of other employees and always for a very short time. When and how was I cruel to the claimant? Maybe she has had untrue visions of abuse, or maybe someone decided to use her name to write ugly falsehoods, without her knowledge?"