David Bitan
David Bitan Estie Dazyubov /TPS

Former Coalition Chairman David Bitan (Likud) on Monday morning rejected reports that Sara Netanyahu prevented former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (New Right) from joining the Likud.

"That's a rumor that people are trying to spread," Bitan told Channel 12. "Sara wants the best for her husband, that he'll continue as Prime Minister and win the elections. She works towards that, not in a personal fashion regarding whether she likes or dislikes someone. We don't need to be anyone's friends, everyone needs to work together for the success of the national camp and the Likud."

Though Bitan himself supported bringing Shaked into the Likud, he refused to criticize Israeli Prime Minister BInyamin Netanyahu's decision to fire the minister.

"I don't want to talk in terms of mistakes," he said. "This was a decision made by the Prime Minister. I'm not going to shower Ayelet Shaked with praises and compliments during the election lead-up. She may well run against us and I don't intend to support her. My opinion of her is known to all, but the Prime Minister decided something and we're moving on."

"It may be that she won't run," he added. "She's had offers from the private sector, she could take a break, it won't hurt her, and join the Likud in the next elections. I think [former Education Minister Naftali] Bennett will run in his own party, and that's it."