Charging your cell phone correctly.
Charging your cell phone correctly.iStock

Cellular devices may have enabled us to be more available and mobile but they also force us to constantly search for a place to charge them. If you adhere to a few basic battery-charging rules, you can extend your battery's life for a few more hours.

Beware of heating the device

Your battery doesn't like to be too hot or cold just like your body. Temperature above 35 degrees (95 F) or below zero (32 F) can cause the lithium battery in your device to deplete quickly and shorten its life. Leaving your phone on the dashboard of the car on a summer day can easily heat it to 40 (104 F) degrees.

Stay in the middle range

One of the common myths of charging a cell phone is that every charge should be from zero to 100. You use your cell phone until the battery dies, and only then recharge it to 100%. In fact, this is a myth that may have been suitable for the batteries of a decade ago. Today, it's one of the surest ways to destroy your battery.

Without going into complicated explanations about the structure of the battery, it's possible to say that the healthiest "lifestyle" of a battery is to stay as much as possible within the middle limits. Fully charging your phone to 100% or using it at 15% of the battery or less, may damage the battery in the long run. The recommended charging method is simply to charge your device when the opportunity arises and make sure the battery doesn't fall below 15%.

Should you charge your cell phone all night?

One of the most common questions about charging a cell phone is whether it's okay to charge it all night. The main problem with charging your cell phone all night is that the battery will continue to charge for several hours even after it reaches full charge. Leaving the battery for several hours at high voltage can damage it in the long term and cause it to die quickly.

On the other hand, most phones are now programmed to stop charging when the battery fills up so charging it overnight may not be so harmful. If you know that if you don't charge your battery before going to sleep, you'll use your phone up to the last battery percentage, it's preferable to charge it overnight.