Attorney Ben Gvir with policeman
Attorney Ben Gvir with policemanHezki Baruch

Undercover police officers arrested a man with a knife at the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon.

The officers noticed the suspect acting suspiciously at the side of the parade. They searched the man, who refused to identify himself, and found a knife in his shoe. The suspect was arrested and detained for questioning.

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir dismissed the police's report about the arrest.

"The same message came out of the police spokesman last year, two years ago and three years ago, and it is interesting that no indictment has been filed so far," Ben Gvir said.

"The police spin continues at full force, with the clear aim of blackening the demonstrators in front of the parade and creating public delegitimization of them. The police are not a political body, and you should hurry to understand this," he added.

The "Lehava" organization held a protest demonstration against the march attended by dozens of people carrying signs and shouting against the parade.

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