Smotrich Flash 90

National Union chairman Bezalel Smotrich responded to the appointment of MK Amir Ohana as Justice Minister Monday evening.

"Amir Ohana is a friend and a worthy person, and of course I wish him great success, but he is not the story ... Netanyahu does not treat any of his other partners as he allows himself to treat religious Zionism."

"The time has come for us to draw conclusions," MK Smotrich said.

Likud ministers slammed Smotrich's response to Ohana's appointment, noting his call this week for the State to be run according to Torah law.

Smotrich, speaking Sunday at the Jerusalem Day celebration at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, said, "We want the justice portfolio, because we want to return the Torah to its foundation." On Monday, he told Reshet Bet radio in an interview, “My long-term desires are for the State of Israel to operate according to the Torah. This is how it should be. This is a Jewish state. The state of the Jewish people will return to being conducted as it was during the days of King David and King Solomon - according to Torah law.”

"Of course it will be adjusted for 2019. People who desecrate Shabbat will not be stoned, it will be adapted to our lives today," stressed the National Union chairman.

Ohana's appointment was announced the the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) Wednesday evening.

"MK Amir Ohana is a jurist who knows the legal system well. He holds a bachelor's degree in law, specializing in the Central District Attorney's Office," the PMO stated.

"For a decade, MK Ohana worked as a lawyer and appeared in various courts throughout Israel, and the Knesset led a series of laws, including the Basic Law on Nationality."