Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, lauded marchers at the Celebrate Israel parade and participants of the 2019 Israel Day Concert in New York Sunday, calling the mass show of support for the Jewish state ‘miraculous’.

“What we saw today in New York was not a given,” Danon said to the Concert organizer Dr. Joe Frager. “Thousands and thousands of people marching and standing with Israel – Christians and Jews, and with me, I might add, thousands of ambassadors – waving the Israeli flag. I think it is a miracle.”

Danon also expressed thanks to the Trump administration for its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, its recognition of the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory, and its decision to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

“We appreciate the president and the entire administration for three great miracles: First, pulling out from the Iran deal. It was the right thing to do. Second, is the declaration and recognition of Jerusalem as our capital. And third, the decision about the Golan Heights.”

“When I speak with my colleagues at the UN, I tell them that it is about time that you recognize Jerusalem as our capital. And you better do it fast, because the real estate in Jerusalem is going so fast, that it will be very hard to find an appropriate location for your embassies.”