Hamas terrorists parade rockets
Hamas terrorists parade rockets Flash 90

Israeli security sources have told the The Wall Street Journal that Gazan terror groups have replenished their stockpiles of rockets.

The terror groups now have the same amount of rockets they had prior to the May attacks on Israeli civilians. In those attacks, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired over 700 rockets at Israelis, destroying several homes, injuring dozens, and killing four.

According to the WSJ report, the terror groups obtained the rockets by means of smuggling and local production. Many of the rockets are made with easy-to-obtain materials such as pipes and basic explosives.

Kobi Michael, a senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, warned WSJ that Hamas is "playing with fire."

"They are risking not only themselves and their military leadership....but the people of Gaza," he said.

The report also noted that the stockpile is about 10,000 rockets, most of them short- and medium-range rockets, although hundreds of them can reach the wider Israeli population.

Last month, Islamic Jihad leader Ziad al-Nakhala predicted that a war would break out between Israel and Gaza this summer because of the intention to "disarm the resistance in Gaza."

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