Idit Silman
Idit Silman Shlomi Yosef

MK Idit Silman (United Right - Jewish Home) expressed support Monday morning for United Right chairman Rabbi Rafi Peretz, backing his bid to remain leader of the Jewish Home faction and the United Right ticket in this year’s second Knesset election, slated for September 17th.

In a Facebook post Monday morning, MK Silman endorsed Peretz as Jewish Home chairman.

“Since the Knesset was dissolved and new elections called, I supported retaining [as party chief] and strengthening Jewish Home chairman and United Right chairman Rabbi Rafi Peretz.”

“During the last election season, Rabbi Peretz, who was chosen to lead the Jewish Home party, charted a course with consideration, determination, and wisdom, and we have all seen the results in the field.”

“Personally, I know him to be a man of values, a worthy person, a leader, and an educator who has represented the religious Zionist path with both his words and deeds.”

Silman also called for the party to retain Rabbi Peretz as chairman in the coming election cycle for the sake of stability.

“The end point of the [first] 2019 election cycle is the jumping off point for the second election cycle of 2019. The potential for success for the United Right, Jewish Home, and National Union is dependent on our internal stability against the stormy sea of politics around us.”

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