stones, chairs thrown at police
stones, chairs thrown at police Police spokesperson

The riots on the Temple Mount resumed over the last hour when hundreds of Muslims began throwing stones, shoes, and chairs at the police stationed on the Mount

Following the attack, the police began to disperse the rioters, while the police used crowd dispersal measures. The rioters were pushed away.

Earlier on Sunday, the Temple Mount headquarters reported that Sunday morning, Jerusalem Day, a record after 1,162 Jews ascended the Temple Mount.

נשות מוראביטאת צועקות "אללה אכבר" לעבר יהודים על ההר ספיר בלוך, מטה ארגוני המקדש

"Today we made history, a day when terror will not defeat Israeli sovereignty. Today we can say with certainty, the Temple Mount is run only according to the determination of the authorities of the State of Israel. The Temple Mount is in our hands!" the authority said in a statement.

Earlier this morning, hundreds of Muslims rioted on the Temple Mount and hurled chairs and other objects at police forces.

Major General Doron Yedid, ordered police forces to enter and disperse rioters with riot control measures. The rioters were pushed towards the mosque where they barricaded themselves. Police forces broke into the mosque while the rioters hurled chairs and various objects at them.

The police dispersed the rioters and later arrested a number of suspects who continued to riot and provoke further provocations, including an Arab from Judea and Samaria and a foreign resident.

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