Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin Kobi Richter/TPS

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who is preparing to run for the 22nd Knesset in the framework of the New Right party, is considering joining forces with Moshe Feiglin and his Zehut party.

According to a report in the Israel Hayom newspaper, Bennett and Feiglin met this week for a meeting that was described as "long and good" and are considering setting up a "technical bloc": running on a joint list of the two parties that will be able to split after the elections.

After being left out of the Knesset in the last elections, Bennett intends to join forces with other members of the political establishment in order to ensure that this time his party will pass the threshold. Bennett met on Wednesday with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, but it appears that she is planning on joining the Likud.

"Bennett understood many things," his associates said. "Especially the need to make a significant change in his message to the public - to go toward more clean and united directions. The nation today is missing a statesmanlike right.”

The Zehut party has learned its lessons as well, according to the report. Party chairman Feiglin is expected pledge to join a right-wing government only, after he said in the last elections that "we are not in anyone's pocket" and even said that he was not interested in the right-wing bloc.

Feiglin confirmed to Army Radio on Thursday that that his party would run for the 22nd Knesset in September and noted that in contrast to the previous election, this time his party wants to connect with other political bodies.

"In these elections we will consider connections with other parties on the right," he said.

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