Gerrer Rebbe
Gerrer RebbeFlash 90

In the midst of the endless talks last night to prevent elections, a recording of the Gerrer Rebbe was leaked in which he explained the significance of making decisions on a sensitive matter such as the Draft law.

"I don,t want this to be about the Gerrer Rebbe," said the Admur in a recording revealed by Akiva Weiss on Channel 11 last night. "I do all I can about recruitment," he said.

This was said after Agudat Yisrael's Council of Torah Sages decided to accept the Netanyahu-Atias compromise, according to which the Law will contain conscription goals and quotas for the haredi sector, but these will be subject to government decision. At the said meeting, the Gerrer Rebbe was not present.

On the recording, the Rebbe says, "I do enough - under the table and over the table. I do a lot, but what I can do I do and what I cannot do I don't."

"These are things that can bring down the yeshivot; I do all I can," he said.

Despite the great distance that haredi leadership went to avoid elections, Liberman hardened his heart and refused any compromise, a refusal that led to the dissolution of the Knesset last night.

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